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How to engage participants in a conference conducted via telephone

A conference call or a telephone conference needs a lot of planning when you have to arrange a conference for the newcomers or for those who are not aware of how to set up a conference call and attend it responsibly. You will have to introduce the whole system and then make them integrate to make the teleconferencing successful and productive in every aspect.

Here are some important things you can incorporate to make the whole set up easy and interesting for the novice participants. Roll over the responsibilities:

In order to keep the interest of participants in a web conferencing or a teleconference call, you can set up an arrangement for rollover of responsibilities to conduct the conference. In this way, everyone would be interested in knowing what is going on and how they can make it better.

Take it as a traditional or face to face meeting

Take the whole teleconferencing session as serious as you take the face to face meetings.

Sit in a silent place

Always try to arrange a quiet place to sit and communicate to the participants. It will help you listen to them and they will also be able to listen to your words carefully and clearly.

Encourage to take turns

Always try to manage the participants in a way that they don't start jumbling each other's conversation. Rather, there should be a regular plan for everyone to take a turn and discuss their own matters directly.

Use brainstorming sessions

Give your participants a topic to brainstorm and submit their ideas. It will increase their interest to participate even more actively and responsibly.

You can also take a conference call free trial and ask for the participants to try that out for better understanding of the whole system. Teleconference in Australia provides a great range of opportunities for cheap conference calls for business owners for better teleconferencing. You can compare various options that are cheap with some of the popular options like Eureka conferencing and Telstra conferencing and find the best one for your conferencing needs.


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